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Conversion of curriculum


Video explanation of the educational content Voice and image either through presentations or animations 2d animation

Training on each lesson with automatic correction and showing grades

Complete test system with automatic correction and show grades after each test

Store test scores for easy follow-up

Entertainment games linked to the scientific material

Interactive School Application


Follow-up of nursery children


The student can use the program to obtain interactive training and test forms for all parts of the curriculum with different types of questions with automatic correction and storage of grades in his account in addition to the possibility of sharing the homework and explanatory files used in the classroom, either in the form of PowerPoint slides or text files, Effective and continuous follow-up among the elements of the educational system seemed to run the school to the guardian through the student and teacher in a faster time and less effort.


Assess the understanding through his ability to answer many exercises

Evaluate the scientific level by getting its grades after each answer

Enjoy the studying using the latest technology in education

Develop many skills such as listening and reading


Save time and effort in developing exercises, tests and monthly reports

The exercise of many activities due to the existence of sufficient time provided by the program

Measuring the level of students through the grades that the program sends them


Providing budget consumed in paper

Using the latest methods in education technology

Follow up the scientific level of all students in the school


Follow up the level of the student by considering the grades stored in the student's private account

Save the time and effort spent with the student during hie/her studies


Add scientific content on a daily basis in different formats (videos, PowerPoint files, text files, voice, images)

Add daily tasks required of the child.

Add children's assessments of (scientific-behavioral-social level)

Add special notes for each child in the form of letters to the guardian

Director of Nursery

Providing budget consumed in paper

Using the latest methods in education technology

Has complete control over: Adding news feeds and photos of their own. Respond to parents' inquiries. Publishing news and photos, photos and videos of nursery events. Alerts for nursery events


Follow-up on all content received by the child in the form of (videos, pictures, text files, audio files)

Know the duties required of the child

Evaluation of teachers and assessment of child level

Communicate with the nursery administration in case of any inquiries or problems in electronic form.

Check out the latest nursery news and alerts about nursery events

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