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Age Language Company is one of the most promising companies in the field of interactive e-learning. It offers its services by converting training programs for pre-university curriculam and all educational and training institutions into interactive programs that can work via the internet or interactive applications that work through computer, mobile and tablets.

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Since the implementation of many e-learning projects by age language company since 2009, the company's team gained great experience in the field of education during the conversion of scientific materials into interactive electronic programs taking into account the nature of students and the nature of the scientific material and also the technical expertise in the conversion of curriculam to work on all operating systems from Programs for the management of electronic educational content through the Internet or application programs.... working on the computer or mobile using the latest technology and to serve all elements of the educational institution, such as teacher and student, school officials and parents (as in schools and GA) Staff, managers and training officers (as in institutions and companies that aim to provide continuous training at a low cost to their employees). Our membership in the ITIDA and CIT industry places us on the highway to spread throughout Egypt, the Middle East and Africa through continuous training of our employees and their knowledge of the latest international technologies in the field of e-learning in the world.

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